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2023 Proxy

The period to submit a Letter of Interest to run for the Yaakwdáat Latínx’i Coalition slate has closed. Letters were accepted from August 7 until 29th.

We are now soliciting proxies in preparation for the September 23, 2023 Meeting scheduled for 1:00 PM in Yakutat, Alaska.

To view the full packet, download a proxy, and information for submitting your proxy, please click the button below.

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Mission: Our mission is to empower our village corporation by promoting Indigenous values and principles of responsible and ethical leadership, to ensure it operates at its highest potential.

Vision: Our vision is to establish our village corporation as a trusted and respected driver of Indigenous-led values and business, focused on creating lasting benefits for our shareholders and community that operates with transparency, accountability, and responsibility. 

Values: The Coalition is committed to upholding our Tlingit heritage and traditional values of sharing, respect, cooperation, and intergenerational stewardship of our land. These values are the foundation for providing a strong and prosperous future for haa dachx̲án jeeyís — our grandchildren, the ones who will come after us.

Our Guiding Principle is the knowledge that that we are only the caretakers of our Ancestral Homelands, Culture and Traditions. These things belong to haa dachxán jeeyís -- the ones who will come after us.


Yak-Tat Kwaan Inc, an ANCSA village corporation in Yakutat Alaska, has not held an election for its 500+ shareholders in over two years, resulting in a majority of board directors contributing to decisions while serving expired terms. Additionally, the board has failed to meet regulatory requirements for providing prior years financial statements including audits. Shareholders of Yakutat's village corporation are pursuing litigation to uphold State and Federal law – with the goal of securing both a fair election and legally required financial statements. 

We aim to raise $30,000 in financial support. Please consider making a contribution today to help us seek a fair election. So much is on the line if we fail to create sustainable and ethical business practices that protect our lands and Way of Being. Shareholders deserve current and accurate financial documents, access to information and consultation with shareholders for agreement on controversial subjects.  

While almost all other villages and the regional corporation in Southeast Alaska have transitioned away from old growth logging towards cultural revitalization, lands stewardship, regenerative economy practices and sustainable businesses empowerment, we would like to provide our shareholders the opportunity to recall the current board and elect ethical leadership. 

DONATE TOWARD LITIGATION COSTS: The money you donate here will be used for costs of litigation and attorney fees and will go to provide general support for coalition efforts to see an ethical election for our Board of Directors.


We are asking you to support this fundraiser for Yaakwdáat Latínx'i Coalition as we work with legal support to secure a fair election.

Tongass National Forest, Yakutat, Alaska.jpg




Native Movement

We are proud to be part of the Community Affiliate Program hosted by Native Movement, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Community Affiliates and other underfunded key organizations and groups.

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How to Volunteer

To join our coalition, please click here:

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